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Stone pigment colour is a such as a real colour which is take out (raw material) from quarry with out any mixing artificial chemical colour. Then the material of pigments are purely produce by grinding and refinding the naturally colourful stone in powder form, manually. Such colourful stones are collect from precious stone mines in remote part of country Nepal, India, Pakistan, Afganistan and Tibet. The pigments are also called historical pigment, mineral pigment, traditional pigment or stone pigment. The pigments are not use only in paintings. It means these special stones are also use as medicine in Aaurvedic treatment. It has a different pleasure while painting with such natural pigment. The art paintings painted with such colour have various distinct and peculiar quality in it. If properly cared, such painting does not get fake even after millenniums (thousands of year). The other peculiar quality of paintings with such natural pigments is some of them they have superfine natural twinkles in it which last as long as the colour. It may be noted that there is no mixing of any artificial twinklesin these colours. Such natural twinkles can be seen very well in direct sunlight/focus light on the paintings and further more clearly with the help of magnifying lens. Weight of the stone pigments are different depending on their quality. Some colours like red and creamish white weight become very heavy like precious metals while weight of yellow and green colour is light than red and other. 

Why Prefer ?

People of the modern world concerned with arts and paintings have seen paintings painted with water-color, poster-color, oil-color or acrylic-color. But basically, all these are chemical colors whereas the pigments we are producing and distributing are totally natural, absolutely traditional and completely handmade. The history of such natural pigment dates back to 1200 years or more! Such pigments have different names. They are also called historical pigment, ancient pigment, traditional pigment, mineral pigment, stone pigment, dry pigment, natural pigment, real pigment etc.

Natural colors are free of toxicity and are free from any of the harmful effect often associated with artificial colors. Natural colors possess a natural beauty and freshness of its own which sets it apart from the other artificial colors. It can be compared to the beauty of natural flower to an artificial one if one may be allowed to use an analogy. It is something of an esoteric beauty which one can experience but difficult to express in dry words. An inspired artist needs the appropriated medium to express his feeling and aesthetic beauty without which there can be no creation. An appropriated medium is one, which enable an artist to manifest the full range of expression, which the medium should enable. The natural pigments have always been the part and parcel of an avid artist's medium from ancient time. It is on account of its many qualities that the art enthusiasts and discerning artists have always used natural colors for their unique and historical masterpieces. The natural colors ensure the preservation of the painting for generations. It ensures the immortality of the artist and his work. If properly cared, such paintings do not fade even for millenniums.


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