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  • Newari religion painting
  • painted Style: 18 century
Materials: Real Natural Mineral Pigments, 24K Gold Paint Embellishment, Wood
Size:(24 x 34cm)

Description: Ganesh, the elephant headed god of wisdom and success is the defender and remover of obstacles and has to be propitiated first before worship to other gods. He is one of the sons of Shiva. He is known as “Jal Vinayak” because of created from the water. “Jal” is Sanskrit langause of water. Once upon a time, the Ganesh (Jal Vinayak) was going to look around at Chovar place. At the time, he just had seen an Acharya (preceptor) in meditation position.  He was from Oriyana. The Oriyana preceptor is shown on the left side in thanka who is seated in cave in meditation position. . The Ganesh just got know by his meditation that exactly, what was doing the preceptor. Actually, the preceptor was inviting to all god and goddess for dinner except the Ganesh. So he was very angry and he did insurrection by earth quick on the preceptor’s dinner program because of not invited to him even coming to his place. From his disaster, it made disturb to preceptor’s meditation. He was very scared and he just threw some rice to earth with imagines mantra. Then he got know that it was revolution of Ganesh. The preceptor created to Bhairab with his accomplishment to control revolution of Ganesh. And he told to Bhairab all violence story of Ganesh because of forgetting to invite to Ganesh on his dinner program. Then the Bhairab made him peace to his annoyed with making asan (seat place) to him and the preceptor begged excuse to Ganesh. Then the Ganesh came on calm down and he forgave to the preceptor. Since the time, the Oriyana Preceptor said to respect to Ganesh. And having achieved of his influence, he just kept the name by ‘Bighnantak Bhairab’ to Bhairab.Just left side at bottom of Ganesh, there are Bhairab which is making asan to angry Ganesh.
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