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v  Take required quantity of pigment in a small bowl.

v  Mix 1 gram pigment = 2 drops (from the brush size number 5) glue (natural skin glue)

v  Mix well to prepare paste of color and add water accordingly.

v  When the test paint on a scrap canvas dries after 10-15 minutes, if color is not seen in your finger and twinkles (of the specified colors) seen in the test paint, the mixture is ok.

v  If color is seen in your finger , you have to add glue again. if test paint is sticky and twinkles are not seen on canvas test paint in direct sun light ,understand that there is excessive glue. Then ,add water according to thickness required for the painting.

      Some colors will dead if one color mix with other color. i.e.

       1. yellow and green
       2. yellow and white
       3. white and green
       4. orange (chrome yellow) with green and white

     If the colors should have make dark, some other color can mix. i.e. indigo (made by plant)and  smoke black color. These colors can mix to any colors to make dark color.


 Lam Kezang, Principal of Tashi Yangse Institute for                             Karla Refojo From USA
 Zoric Chusum

                                                                           Students from Bhutan