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The history stands as a witness to prove that art and craft was started since ancient time. It is believed that Thanka and wall paintings among all arts/crafts was started in 11th century. In ancient art and crafts, the colors combination extracted from mine stone, flowers and mud were massively used to make arts gorgeous. This trend of color combination was last till the 17th century, and gradually deteriorated afterwards and almost extinct in modern era. The reason behind this extinction is the use of unnatural chemicals which is not only cheaper but also easily available in the market. Thus, the artists have focused to use such color instead of ancient mines stones etc. This has eventually led to deteriorate the quality of arts. Untimely faiting colors and short lasting the innovation are the examples of deteriorated quality of arts as we see in current days.
With the objective to retain and sustain ancient natural color scheme even in modern deteriorating artistic era, the Natural Collection Traders has been established.
What is NCT?

The Natural Collection Traders is an organization which collects different mines stones from different locations and persons to use in Thanka and other paintings. The main aim of NCT is to explore several ancient color schemes and to make proverbial among the people. The NCT makes orient them on how and where to use such colors for quality arts.
At the beginning the NCT collects the stone colors which have been rapidly on extinction.
Motivate those artists who have been using chemical color to use mines colors and teach them the process for using mines colors.
Manufacture the raw materials of mines color according to the need of people through typically use of ancient technology i.e. handmade and sell them in very reasonable price.
The Company has been producing stones colors along with several Thanks using the same stones colors. On the matter of quality of color, it can easily be distinguished between Thankas available in the market and the Thankas produced by NCT.
The next aim of the NCT is to orient the quality Thankas to the needy people so as to avoid from illicit fraud as well as to familiarize the importance of ancient color scheme. The Suwal Art Gallery welcomes all the Art lovers to observe quality Thankas flourished with stone colors.

The government approved Company (NCT) has been serving the people since a decades in the field of ancient colors combination with the use of mines stones in Nepal and assures to continue everlasting services to its well wisher.